Service Details and Price List

① When you need our service, Please contact us via Inquiry Form from “About us” page.

② We will contact you by Email or Phone. Please ask us for any questions / requests.
(Sometimes our email arrives into spam folder. Please check and contact us again if you haven’t find any)

③ After talking on the Email/phone, We will visit your place and have a meeting called “first-time meeting”.

After consulting and Q&A, Agreeing both, we will have a contract.

④ On the due date, We take care of your pets as you wished. please take a look below for details. We send you Email which include photos of your pet.

For the next time, We don’t need to have meeting again. please ask us for service via Email.

Price List

Basic price is 2500 yen + transportation fee /per visit.

As you use longer(many times), as the price be cheaper.
All costs include tax.

On the first time meeting, 1000 yen will be needed as a registration fee.

Basic price
2500 yen /per visit
2400 yen / per visit (total 3 times or more)
2300 yen / per visit (total 6 times or more)
2200 yen / per visit (total 10 times or more)

Price details and Additional fee

Basic prices include One dog(we only take care of dogs without walk, sorry!), or One ~ two cats, or One cage(birds and other animals like rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, ferrets, meerkats, monkeys etc.)

Additional fee will be needed if you own more.
Same species : 300 yen per one (ex. cats over 3, Birds over 2 cages)
Different species : 1000 yen per one (ex. a dog and a cat)

Service Area and Transportation fee

We visit Nakano, Suginami, and Surrounding areas on the Map of Areas
Transportation fee is calculated based on the distance and trains/buses fee. (average fee is around 300 ~ 600 yen per visit.)

Coupon ticket

Pre-paid 6 times/10 times coupons are available. The price is same as total fee of 6 times/10 times. Which are able to use each time you want (not only consecutive days)

Holiday Seasonal fee

300 yen per visit will be added on holiday seasons (Golden week, Obon summer holiday).
1000 yen per visit will be added on the new years day and the new years eve.

Cancelling Method

On the scheduled date and a day before, we ask you a cancel fee 50%(the day before) or 100%(on the date)

Service details

Feeding, Watering, Cleaning up litter boxes, Brushing, Traning/Playing (if they want), etc.
If your pets were shy, we will keep distance from them and will do another thing (clean-up etc.)
When we found something strange about your pet, We will contact you first.
In case of emergency health condition, we will take them to see a doctor. (charge applies)

We rent a key for in-home services. Contract for securities will be explained on the first time meeting.
In case taking care of outside your home (garden, outsde cage etc.) we do not need the key. please prepare food and goods outside.

For birds and small animals,
we can take care them with outing of its cage during the visiting. sometimes It won’t easy to take them to see a doctor, Therefore we will do the best in your home.
We will take care of them as ordered, but we do not feed them live animals / insects.

We are available to visit and take care at your home, or Hotel, Ceremony hall etc.
For long term use, like in case of you are hospitalized. we will offer on-demand services, Please ask us: